MARCH 1st. 1980

We have started to serve the Turkish industry by manufacturing steel construction materials with two employees in a 50 m² shop in the small industrial area of Sivas city.


We have moved to Istanbul, Esenler and continued to produce steel construction materials with 8 employees in a 100 m² shop.


In Merter Keresteciler Complex,  we have continued to produce steel construction materials and textile garment equipments with a team of 25 people to meet the needs of textile and construction industry in a 300 m² shop.

APRIL 1990

To meet the increasing demand for our products, we have enlarged our warehouse and started to produce industrial warehouse racking systems in addition to our other production in the 600 m² shop.

JUNE 1997

To meet the needs of the developing sector, we have continued to produce Racking Systems for Industrial Warehouses with a team of 60 people in an area of ​​800 m² production facility in İkitelli, Istanbul.

JUNE 2000

We have continued to produce Industrial Rack & Storage Systems with  75 empoyees in the 1600 m² space in İkitelli Organised Industrial  Region.

As the first step of the institutionalization, we have established our Limited Liability Company, to meet the high demand in the industry.

APRIL 2004

To match the higher demand received regarding industrial materials, we have established a new company called Sançelik Industrial Equipments.

MARCH 2005

The exceeding demand coming from the industry encouraged us to take bigger steps and we built a 3500 m² factory in Beylikduzu, Istanbul to produce Industrial Warehouse Shelves with 90 employees.

In the same year, we have worked with a great determination and have realized our first Rack Clad Building Systems Project production and installation. Finally, Our light was seen from abroad and we have finalised our first export operation.

APRIL 2008

For the first time in our sector, we have started to make static calculations with our own civil engineer staff in the sector by complying TS EN ISO 15512 European Standards.

JULY 2010

To be able to reach all corners of Turkey, we have transferred our Istanbul factory to Bilecik Organised Industrial Zone on 17000 m² area and provided employment for 150 employees.

Now, we have started to travel with more confident steps towards becoming a brand name.

APRIL 2012

As soon as we have realised the production of Radio Pallet Shuttle, we have achieved instant sales both in Turkey and abroad.  The miracle mixture of steel and technology has opened up our horizon and we have finally acknowledged that there was no limit to what we could do.

Together with the Employment Mobilisation Incentive, we have provided employment opportunities for 170 citizens.

Temesist has became a Pioneer receiving the ‘’Global Quality Awards’’ under the category of 'Best Shelf Systems'.


At Temesist, we had a strong sense of export power in marketing our investments and established Temesist Foreign Trade Incorporation. In the same year we had a big step forward by exporting our products to 10 different countries.

JULY 2016

We have opened our General Headquarter in İkitelli Organised Industry Zone on an area of ​​1300 m² by combining our Istanbul offices under one roof.

Our employment level has doubled every year and reached to 200.


Now, we are exporting to 55 countries with a great motivation.

We are contributing directly to our country's industrial growth by increasing the export potential of our domestic production power.

Continuously, we keep moving forward with confident steps to contribute Turkey's 2023 vision by non-stop development and production with our 300-person staff.